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Be the first player or team to move from “HERE” to “THERE”.

• “TEAM UP!” game board (Grades 3-5 on one side, Grades 6-8 on the other)
• Question Cards
• Top Card
• Markers for each player or team
• Die
• Scratch paper and pencil for each player (not provided)

Place a set of shuffled Question Cards (determined by teacher based on grade level(s), Common Core Math domain, skill level and/or math course) on the TEAM UP! space, with the “Question” side facing up, then place the “TEAM UP! Cover Card” on top of the pile. The teacher can determine the appropriate paths (1-15, 16-25, or 26-60) for each player/team. Teams do not have to take the same path.

Each team chooses a marker and places it on the “HERE” space. All students need scratch paper and a pencil.

Each team rolls the die and the team with the highest roll will be Team 1, and they will be UP first. The UP team takes the first question card from under the “TEAM UP! Cover Card”, placing the card question side up so that all students can read the card. The Cover Card is to be immediately placed back on the question card pile. Both teams work together to answer the “Multiple Choice” question and “Task”. The team that is UP gets the first opportunity to answer the “Multiple Choice” question and the “Task”.