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I am impressed by the game’s simplicity and even more so by its adaptability to various grade levels. My student enjoyed playing TEAM UP!
The directions are so intuitive that students started playing the instant the cards were placed on the table. For weaker or stronger students, swapping grade level decks was easy and unnoticeable.
My favorite part of TEAM UP! is that it offers students problems beyond Depth of Knowledge Level 1. As a result, students are challenged to develop more rigorous understandings of the mathematics.

About Team Up!

TEAM UP! FOR COMMON CORE LEARNING is designed to accommodate students of different math levels for Grades 3 thru 8. The game is a great resource to help teachers differentiate instruction in classes with a range of math abilities, including combo classes.

Created By Classroom Math Teachers!

TEAM UP! was developed by husband and wife educators Dave and Peggy Chamberlain from Orange County, California.

Dave has been a math educator in Orange County for over 30 years working as a middle school math teacher and a math curriculum specialist. He is a frequent speaker at local and state conferences. Dave was named Orange County Teacher of the Year in 1999.

Peggy has been an instructor in Orange County for over 20 years working as a high school math teacher and Computer Science professor. Peggy continues to work with middle and high school math students.