Team Up! For Common Core Learning

Team Up! For Common Core Learning was created by math educators to reinforce the Common Core Math Standards for students in Grades 3-8; a second board game which addresses Algebra and Geometry will be coming soon.  This affordable math board game can be used by teachers in their classroom as a powerful learning tool that will help prepare their students for the upcoming Common Core Math Standards assessments.

How does it work?

Students compete individually or as a team to answer Common Core Math Standards-aligned Multiple Choice questions and Tasks, with the goal of moving around an engaging math game board to make it to the finish first.

  • Team Up! For Common Core Learning is great for differentiation, as teachers can set up the game to focus on a single domain within a single grade level, or can mix-and-match the domains and grade levels, as appropriate.
  • The game is great for combo classes, classes with a wide range of abilities, and families with children at different grade levels.
  • Children can review concepts from previous grade levels or extend their learning into higher grade levels… children will LOVE playing Team Up!
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